Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mos Def "The Ecstatic"

Just gave it a listen. For me it's probably his most listenable album since "Black On Both Sides" but it suffers from the same problems that I have had with the albums since that one:

1). This does not sound like a cohesive album, it sounds more like a collection of songs he's recorded since "Tru3 Magic".

2). Mos is so good lyrically when he's on-subject, but seems content with making it up as he goes. I had a similar problem with Lil Wayne's much-hyped "The Carter 3". Mos is taleneted enough that he can sometimes get away with doing this, but it's a waste of that talent.

3). Mos seems to love to hear his own voice. Every spare second of the album is filled with adlib singing and rambling. It's a little too much.

4). I would like to hear someone else write and perform hooks for him, for at least a couple songs on an album. Using hooks can be bad if you're lazily writing songs in the same old format, but they can be good when they help organize the song and make the song more enjoyable for the listener.

Even with all that, I'd recommend giving this album a listen. Don't buy without listening though.

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